Jupiter Aluminum

Committed to environmental respect since 1992

In the 1990s, Dietrich Gross, Chairman and CEO was concerned about the rising cost of fossil fuel and environmental issues inherent with the operation of furnaces. He envisioned the use of oxygen instead of air for combustion in the natural gas aluminum melting furnaces. Internal research developed a break-through technology – the Oxy-Fuel Technology – which greatly benefited the company through:

  • Increased process efficiency and reduced costs: compared with traditional air-fossil fuel methods, the company saw an average 73% reduction in fuel usage.
  • Remarkable environmental results: since ambient air is excluded, there is a virtual elimination of NOx in the exit gases as well as a significant reduction in other greenhouse gases, except for CO2 which is highly concentrated in the flue gas – making capture easy and therefore far less expensive.

This technology has been used successfully in commercial operations since 1997 and is licensed to Jupiter Aluminum by Jupiter Oxygen Corporation.

For further information about the patented technology and licensing, see: jupiteroxygen.com.